Sarah Peschell Studios

Hi, everybody, welcome here. My name is Sarah Peschell and I am an emerging artist. I call myself a painter, but my medium is most often found objects. I am fascinated by patterns and find myself sorting my random pieces into collections. My artworks are an extension of this tendency to separate, sort and combine.


Here on the blog my aim is to share with you some of my works in progress, my inspirations, my thoughts on my work and the occasional philosophical ramble.



Once upon a time there was an artist who was busy making art but but really wasn't very good at sharing it with people. So she decided she needed to do something about it. First, she set up an instagram account and began sharing works in progress and finished pieces there. Then she thought she really should have a website for a more organized presentation, so she summoned her courage, assembled some images of her work and began the process of putting together her website. This is the very beginning of my website, in its baby stage. More work and more info about me will be coming.This is the beginning of my story.

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