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In the piece I created for the International Artists Day Anonymous Art show, I used a particularly interesting found object, at least I think so. It was two pieces of semi-spherical turquoise glass. They were given to me by my sister, an aircraft mechanic. Naturally, I was curious as to what these pieces were from, so I went back and asked. It turns out that they are pieces of a wingtip position light lens!

Now, my art piece had a turquoise colour theme to it and these glass pieces fit right into that beautifully. However, that brought up another question. From my knowledge of aircraft, one wingtip light (the right or starboard) is always green. My light cover looked turquoise, how did that fit? After a bit of research I discovered that the green is called 'aviation green' and it is a colour like a traffic light that is easily distinguishable from a distance. Also, as far as I can gather, the turquoise lens cover is used with a yellowish incandescent bulb, making it appear alot more green when lit.

Who knew? 

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