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And now for some big news! We are moving!

It's been a long time coming as our family has grown and we are still in our small, yardless basement suite. Three active, adventuresome boys need room to grow and run and burn energy.

A few months ago we began our search, weighing carefully our requirements for a new place. The rather agonizing process has led us to pack up and head East. For this Pacific Northwest girl, the thought of leaving the mountains and forests is difficult, but I believe there will be other spectacular things to discover in the next chapter of our adventure. 

In light of this big move I have unearthed many of my art pieces and realized that I have alot hidden around. I have photographed them, priced them and listed them on my website. So if you have ever wanted one of my artworks (or just wish to support us, these paintings need good homes, they don't want to go across the country) now is your chance. There are little pieces as well as big pieces. Please take a look and message me if you find one that catches your attention. 

Happy hunting!

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