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Well we're here now, making our home in Niagara. It's going on four months and I would say we are begining to settle in. We've done lots of exploring and found some delightful spots to hike and walk. We've also discovered the fruit stands! So many with all sorts of varieties of fruit and often butter tarts! 

There are lots of things different but our normal rythm of life is similar to back home, which is comforting and helpful in our adjusting. 

The subject of my art has shifted a bit with the move as I am observing different plants and trees growing beside the paths. Part of my journey adjusting and learning about my new surroundings is being explored and discovered through my artwork. It's gone small as that's what I seem to be able to manage lately on limited energy reserves. But i do have a delightful space dedicated to my creative pursuits, which has been very gratifying.


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