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What a year: again. Thanks to Covid, school closures and lately, limited mobility due to weather. Yes, I am also aware I am late with my year in review post, my apologies.

My productivity has not taken off as imagined with having my own workspace and two kids now in school. Productivity has still been very slow. I have tried to continue making even if it is slow.

In the process my work has evolved and become smaller and less complicated. My latest works often feature a plant or bird I have encountered on a walk. I have been using materials that I already have or are easily accesible to me at this moment in time. The surfaces I have been working on are paper from my stash (some from art school!) with the addition of dictionary pages to break up the pristine, bleak whiteness of a fresh, blank page.To further add interest and interupt the starkness I have added splashes of tea. As an avid tea drinker I figured it made sense for it to make an appearance in my art. Some days  I make a cup of tea not to drink but to start another artpiece. Other elements of my tea drinking habit, such as the label, or the used tea bag, find their way into pieces adding layers to the work.

Over the past year I have given myself permission to just do whatever comes to mind creatively. At this time in my journey it has been too constricting to follow a set of internal parameters. There are enough external parameters (dishes, kids bedtime shenanigans, depleted energy from a hard day) impossed to make internal ones unnecessary. I need to be able to have the freedom to just create, not overthink or dismiss an idea. I decided it doesn't matter if I don't have a cohesive body of work or a set style, I have pieces to show. Also I have always enjoyed experimenting with new techniques, materials and styles. Why stop now?


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