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My heart hurts for all the people in Ukraine affected by the fighting right now. I truly can only imagine how traumatic and terrible it is to be in such circumstances. I do not want to simply sit back and watch in horror. I want to be able to ease their suffering even just a little. Therefore, I decided that I would make some small artworks to sell based on their national motif, the sunflower. I chose to work the image in the colours represented on their flag, yellow and blue. I have also added layers of semi transparent paper (pattern paper) because this situation seems to be multi-layered and not clearly understood. Finally, I added the red thread as I read about the hurt, pain and blood seen in Ukraine at this time.

The money from the sale of these pieces will be donated to relief efforts in Ukraine. The organization I will donate through is the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), who is partnering with people already there to lend aid. MCC is an organization that I believe is doing a good job helping people in a variety of practical, dignified ways all over the world. They are also quick and effective at responding to crisis wherever it occurs. 

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