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I've been working a new piece that I think is almost complete. I thought I would show you a few pictures of it in process.

In the beginning there was just a pile of interesting bits and bobs, things that seemed to go together to form a collection. In this case all the elements were wooden. I had one piece that I really liked the aged, weathered appearance it had. In contrast, some of the other pieces, while they had interesting shapes were stark, fresh wood. Doing some manual aging of a few pieces was the next step in the process before even figuring out the composition. Then came arranging, adding layers and rearranging everything until I was satisfied. But it still seemed like something was missing, I couldn't quite make the last pieces I had work to finish it. Then, this morning I was adding some lettering and letting my mind wander as I applied glue, it occured to me to take the words literally and step out of the wooden box for the finishing touch. And so, one clock face was added, and viola, it was just the right thing!

A final photo is coming, but right now the glue is drying.

My starting pile of bits and bobs.

The aging process and contemplation stage.

Adding the finishing touch.

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