Sarah Peschell Studios



Sarah is an emerging artist with a background in painting, having completed a painting major at the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2012.

She is fascinated by patterns and repetitions whether in an urban setting or found in nature. Her work focusses on re-organizing ordinary objects into pleasing geometric designs.

Even though she calls her pieces “paintings”, they might be better labelled as 2D Geometric Sculptures. Each piece is built on a reclaimed wood panel and begins with the drawing of a basic grid on which she then places her chosen objects. She collects and then reorganizes often overlooked objects into pleasing compositions so that they can be re-imagined and viewed, not for their practical function, but for their aesthetic value. Many of her objects are sourced from friends and family who collect cast-offs from their varying workplaces.

Sarah’s Pacific Northwest upbringing and residence directly influences her more literal pieces and drawings. Other influences and inspirations in her work  are the principles of Geometry and Pattern as well as Arabian/Islamic Patterns.

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